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How Does an Advertising Agency Work

How Does an Advertising Agency Work

Advertising agency work, involves 12-step method is however the bulk of advertising, marketing, design, and PR companies work. Some steps could also be skipped over or combined, however the fundamental structure goes like this:

The account manager (and team) meets with the consumer to spot the matter that has to be resolved.

The account manager writes a clever temporary supported that downside. it'll embody competitive analysis, research, the help of the planner and/or inventive director, and eventually, log off from the consumer.

The account manager briefs the inventive team and includes a timeline, budget, planned media, and alternative factors.

The inventive team works on the project for many days (or weeks if they’re lucky) and brings the primary spherical of concepts to the inventive director.

The inventive director can cull the concepts that aren't operating, and direct the team to explore the great concepts.

The inventive team can still work on the concepts however herald the assembly department (if needed), account manager and alternative members of the agency to create certain the work is heading in the right direction. If there area unit written items, or a shoot is needed, this is often once the assembly department can begin estimates.

The inventive director approves the ultimate concepts, and also the inventive team presents them to the consumer.

The consumer can depart and discuss the concepts, before giving feedback to the agency. it's going to end in a transforming of concepts (repeat steps three to 7) or a inexperienced lightweight to maneuver into the execution of the concepts. At this time, a budget and timeline can yet again be approved.

The inventive team works closely with the account team, media shopping for, production, and also the inventive director to supply the ads, no matter kind they will take.

The final ads area unit placed ahead of the consumer for approval. Once the consumer approves, the ads area unit revealed, be it on-line, in print, outdoor, on the air, or the other media.

The agency can monitor the success, and ROI, of the ads and provides the feedback to the consumer.

The consumer pays the agency. so the complete method is recurrent. Advertising agency work, depends on the above steps. 

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