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Meta keywords importance in seo

Meta keywords 

A meta keyword is Associate in Nursing markup language component that was originally designed to assist computer search engine spiders assess the content and connectedness of a page to an enquiry question. 
However, nowadays, the search engines now not use the meta keywords for this purpose because it was wide abused to the purpose wherever it became unusable as a ranking signal--the search engines eventually stopped assignment any worth to the keyword meta tag. thus you'll be able to safely precede developing keyword meta tags throughout the improvement process; however if you opt to incorporate them anyway, follow the below rules: 
No Keyword Stuffing: do not simply write an outsizes list of keywords or keep repetition identical keywords over and over. 
No large Keyword Lists: do not embrace each keyword you'll be able to consider on each page--only embrace a few of relevant keywords for every page. 
No Repetition: do not use identical keyword meta append each page of your web site

Meta keyword tags importance in search engine optimization

The days of stuffing keywords into meta keywords tag to rank well in search engines could also be long gone. Over the years, the worth of this tag has diminished. Search engines have since improved their formula and introduced several factors to judge a page’s ranking that do not trust the keywords tag. Google and Yahoo already declared they'll not be victimization keywords tag information for the ranking purpose and whereas Bing could be still victimization them for ranking or indexing the information to higher perceive the page, it offers an occasional priority to the present tag.

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