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Redirect and types of redirects in seo

Redirect and types of redirects in seo

A airt is that the action that forwards one uniform resource locator to a different. as an example, if a specific page on your web site has had a file name amendment (e.g., from to computer, then it might be necessary to airt the previous uniform resource locator to the new uniform resource locator. There square measure 2 varieties of airts that we'll cowl here--the 301 redirect, and also the 302 airt.
302 airt
A 302 airt may be a temporary airt that passes no link price, and are a few things to be avoided for SEO functions. This airt tells the programme spiders that the page that was requested has affected quickly, however are going to be created on the market once more within the future; for this reason, the programme spiders/algorithm don't enable link price to flow through a 302 airt.
301 airt
A 301 airt may be a permanent airt that passes most of the link price from the previous to the new page, and is that the counseled technique of redirecting old/changed URLs to their new destination

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