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Website Navigation

Website Navigation 

There area unit 3 guidance structures (main, footer, side) that area unit used, together or separately, on websites. every of those guidance units will facilitate contribute to improved rankings; but, before they'll contribute in a very positive manner, we want initial check that they're not making issues and clogging potential rankings.

Main Navigation 

Generally, the most navigation seems below the masthead as a row of links (and usually drop-downs) which permit users to navigate through the web site. Since the location of the most navigation sometimes leads to a great deal of links before any of the web site content is displayed, it's necessary to form certain that though the navigation doesn't take keyword-specific improvement under consideration, that it a minimum of isn't a retardant on rankings. as an example, if you've got an oversized variety of classes of product (services, topics, etc), don't try and stuff each single class into your main menu; this can produce a link landscape on your
pages that is unstable, and can subtract from the power of each page on your web site to achieve its full potential once it involves rankings.

Footer Navigation 

The footer navigation is historically saved for links that area unit necessary however don't got to be conspicuous as those within the main navigation. Footer links usually embrace links to the 'About Us', 'Privacy', 'Contact Us', and alternative similar pages. At constant time, it's sensible follow to repeat your most significant guidance links within the footer. as an example, if you've got 3 main services that area unit drawn within the main guidance menu, it's an honest plan to incorporate those self same links within the footer of your web site. this can be each useful in terms of user expertise yet as computer program improvement.

Side Navigation 

The secondary navigation, which may sometimes be found on the aspect of sure pages, will facilitate relieve the load off of the most navigation by creating it extra to possess multiple nested dropdowns that inevitably create virtually each page unstable. rather than having smaller or sub-sections on your website have their own dedicated main navigation links, it's useful to possess those secondary links seem on the aspect of your pages wherever applicable. as an example, if marketing widgets that are categorized by kind of material, color, and size, rather than having a dropdown menu in your main navigation that lists all those choices, you'll be able to have one link in your navigation that points to the widgets page. this offer your aspect navigation the choices for your guests (and the search engines) to be able to dig deeper into your subcategories supported material, color, and size.
Naturally, not each attainable variation will be lined here, however the higher than example ought to offer you an honest plan on however you'll be able to utilize your aspect navigation to ease the burden off of your main navigation

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