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What is 404 error Page in SEO

What is 404 error  Page

404 error page

Users square measure redirected to a 404 page once they have tried to find or reach a page that longer exists, actually because they need either clicked a broken link or mis-typed the uniform resource locator.
By default, a 404 page is simply associate empty page (save for a tiny low notice stating that the page that has been requested couldn't be found), that typically means the user (and search engine spiders) can merely flip back and leave the location, and this can be not at all one thing you wish happening. to resolve this issue, and avoid 301 redirecting all error pages to your home page or another destination on your web site, you'll utilize a custom 404 page which provides the users (or search engine spiders) links and direction components to follow into your website. A custom 404 page might merely be smaller version of your website's web sitemap that directs the user or search engine spiders to the most sections of your site.
Of course, not each 404 page ought to be redirected somewhere, which is wherever a custom 404 page would acquire play. These 404 pages are often shown by default, however making a bespoke 404 page is extremely suggested.

Custom 404 Error Page 

A 404 error is what gets reportable to browsers or crawlers once a URL (webpage) that has been requested doesn't exist. Having too several 404 errors may be harmful to organic computer search engine rankings. counting on the URL that is manufacturing the 404 error, it'd be useful to 301 redirect the non-existent URL to AN applicable location. as an example, if somebody has coupled to your widgets page (www.example.com/widget.html), however has misspelled the URL (www.example.com/wigdet.html), which link is causation you a great deal of clicks, then it might be a decent plan to 301 redirect .../wigdet.html to .../widget.html, in order that you're not serving AN unnecessary  variety of 404 page, and conjointly capture a number of the link worth from the link. 
When a user manages to stumble across a 404 error, the default 404 page will little to assist guide the user on to a helpful section on the website--the solely offered choice is to click the rear button. while not an area to maneuver forward, or maybe a link to the homepage, there's no thanks to facilitate users notice what they're trying to find. 
A default custom 404 page is equally unhelpful for computer search engine spiders. These spiders follow a selected formula whereas classification websites: they follow each offered link, effectively making an online or network of data. once a spider runs into a default 404 page, like their human counterparts, they're unable to maneuver forward. in contrast to human users, however, spiders aren't ready to execute complicated actions, like hit the rear button. once a spider finally ends up on these pages, it's unable to proceed with classification your web site. A custom 404 page provides spiders one thing to follow albeit they run into a slip. once making and planning a customized 404 page there ar variety of vital things to stay in mind. the foremost vital issue of a slip page is to obviously inform a user that the page they were trying to find has not been found, and apologize. 
Offer some way for users to induce back on the right track, some way to contact the webmaster concerning the matter and embody a link to the homepage. bear in mind to use important anchor text, however, merely writing "Home" isn't suggested. conjointly think about as well as extra links to standard pages or articles on the web site. Finally, bear in mind to make sure that your custom 404 error page passes on a 404 error code to look engines to forestall them from classification it.

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