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What is Canonical & it's importance in SEO

What is Canonical 

Canonical tag

The canonical tag avoid making duplicate content by specifying the initial publication page of a bit of content. One specific use for the canonical tag would air a page that lists merchandise, which has sorting functions that make totally different URLs betting on however the merchandise area unit being sorted. during this case, any variation in sorting from the default presentation will utilize a canonical tag to point that the the initial URL is that the only 1 that ought to be indexed.
For example, if a webpage is listing a range of widgets, and has the URL web.example.com/widgets.html, and offers a sorting link (www.example.com/widgets.html&sort=price)to afford the widgets to be sorted supported worth, then it'll become necessary to utilize the canonical tack on web.example.com/widgets.html&sort=price to point that the initial content is housed at web.example.com/widgets.html, which web.example.com/widgets.html&sort=price shouldn't be indexed.
The canonical tack on web.example.com/widgets.html&sort=price would seem like this and be placed within the <head> of the document.
<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.example.com/widgets.html">

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