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what is meta tag & meta description in seo

Meta Tags & Meta Description in SEO

Meta Tags

Meta tags square measure hypertext mark-up language components which offer meta information a couple of web content. 2 of the key meta tags square measure descriptions and keywords. every meta tag incorporates a specific perform and may be wont to give computer program spiders or internet browsers info concerning the content or structure of the page. Some meta tags is a minor however helpful a part of successful  on-page computer program optimization.

Meta Description

A meta description is AN hypertext markup language part designed to assist offer an evidence of the webpage's content. program result pages, or SERPs, show meta descriptions as a preview or snipping of the knowledge contained on a webpage. 
Example of Meta Description inside Google search results 
Social networks like Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook pull info from meta descriptions once users show or share content. 
Clear and laconic meta descriptions permit users to accurately verify what info is on a given webpage. once a user enters a probe term that pulls up a connected webpage, a useful meta description can usually cause a rise in relevant click-throughs. In terms of program improvement it's higher to consider meta descriptions as a factor, one thing which will stimulate users to go to a page, instead of a way to boost rankings
By extension, each meta description ought to be distinctive to the page that it describes. repetition meta descriptions from alternative pages and reusing them isn't useful to users and is under no circumstances progressing to have a positive impact on organic rankings. 
Meta descriptions is also any length, however search engines, social networks, and social bookmarking sites typically shorten the length of the outline to between a hundred and fifty and a hundred and sixty characters long (including areas, quotes and punctuation). to confirm that a meta description won't get shortened by search engines, attempt to keep the page outline laconic and avoid excessive punctuation which may push the outline over the discretional character limit.

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